Appart'Study Tenant's renting obligations

By the law and the laese signature you engaged yourself :


– To pay your monthly rent :

By signing your lease, you engaged yourself of paying a monthly rent before 5 of the month. This rent corresponds to your rental and various charges: cold and hot water, heating, technical maintenance,etc… and several other services. You receive your monthly invoice by email.

Several payment options are available to you:

  • By direct debit from a French bank account: it’s easy, convenient and free of charge: the residence manager will give you a banking authorization to completed and signed, you must join your Banking Identity Statement (RIB) and we do all other formalities..
  • By Credit card at the residence office
  • Cash (EXCEPTIONALLY, in accordance with the law)
  • By French Bank check, mailing it at the Head office of the association..
  – To pay a guaranty deposit  :

When you will receive your lease, send it back to us, signed without forgetting of paying a guarantee’s deposit, equivalent to the monthly rent without charge + a furniture’s guarantee. This amount cashed upon receipt, will be refunded at the end of your lease in a legal deadline, depending, of course, of the restitution state of the apartment. It should be identical as when you moved in.

 – To insure your new flat :

At your arrival at the residence, you must present to the manager a certificate of insurance with the warranty period and the risks covered mentioned. We advise you to check the extended guarantees, deductibles and exclusions of your policy.

If you don’t have insurance certificate you cannot access your housing!

In case of loss:
You must notify the residence manager and your insurer within 5 days following the loss (2 days for theft), by a letter with acknowledgment of receipt, specifying the date and the nature of the damages, the list of loss (enclosing invoices or pictures etc…), possible existence of damage to the building or at your neighbour’s housing. An expert sent by your insurance company will assess the damage.

 – To pay your house tax: 

As a student, you are not exempt from the housing tax. For tax administration, you fulfill the following condition: “Occupant in title of a dwelling on January 1 of the current year”. However, depending on your income, your tax office may give you a ceiling or an exemption. Do not hesitate to contact your tax administration for more information.

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