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aides aux logementsHow to obtain housing support

All our accommodations are giving right to A.P.L. (housing suport) Depending on your year’s incomes N-1, you can receive housing assistance granted by the Family Allowance (CAF). To receive allowance, the lease must be at your name. APL
The amount of the allowance may vary depending on:
  • • Your Income
  • •The amount of rent
  • •The number of roommates in the apartment
  • •The type of housing

    To ask for this allowance, you must constitute and submit a complete application, with supporting documents. The same documents that you have already given for the booking:
      • a copy of your identity card or residence permit valid,
      • a proof of your situation
      • the previous year's tax return or the certificate of no tax or a declaration of honour that no income was received last year and
      • a RIB (bank details).

      You will also have to provide your CAF identification number and a certificate of non-payment of your previous CAF office's (if you have already received an allowance through the CAF social services)

Your housing assistance application form must be fill up and printed by yourself only on the website of the CAF (www.caf.fr)
The CAF website allows you to make housing assistance simulation.


The allowance to which you are entitled will be directly perceived by the residence and will be deducted from your monthly rent.
The manager of the residence will help you to fill up and save your file directly on Internet and will forward it to the CAF social housing department. You will have to inform by mail, your current CAF's office, when you will moved-out, of the date of leaving, your new address and make a new allowance application to the CAF office of your new residence.
The CLÉ (Caution Locative Etudiante) is a State insurance allowing students without guarantor to have easier access to housing. The CLÉ is handled by the Crous.
The CLÉ can be used by all students that:
- Have steadyincome but no family, friend or bank guarantor;
- Are looking for housing in France for their studies;
- Are 28 years old or less on September 1st of the year when the lease is signed;
- Are 28 years old or more on September 1st of the year when the lease is signed but with a PHD dated less than six years and a non-tenure researcher position in a lab or research unit for a fixed-term contract.

The rent is a mattering post in your budget – do not neglect any possible housing allowances. These helps are attributed and paid by the family allowance fund (CAF) directly on the account of the lessor. While waiting for the payments of the housing allowances you must pay your full rent before the 5 of each month.

Housing allowances are automatically suspended on July 1st for all the students, unless you inform the CAF that you keep your accommodation beyond this date.

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