The Association Les Quartiers Latins' values -

The Association Les Quartiers Latins promote the French values of citizenship  !

. Involved in the management of residences for students and working young adults, the organization endeavours to welcome them, without distinction of origins, sex or nationality, in an environment which is comfortable, eco-friendly, and adapted to their way of life.
Two axis have been chosen to be put forward, and the organization wishes that staff and users alike agree unreservedly upon them. This commitment implies that you are informed of our values to implement this voluntary charter.


The two axis underlining our values are : 

  • The protection of immediate environment, including the fight to reduce daily waste, and detritus treatment operations.
  • The respect of individual rights and secularity, which both are specific to the French society.

All people, working or living within the Appart’Study residences, should be committed to:

  • Be positive, without discriminating or being prejudiced against others because of their origin, sex or faith. Live under the secular laws of the French Republic where one is free to believe in a religion or not, which practice is individual and private.
  • Respect the rules of equality between men and women to live in a harmonious environment where harassing and violent behaviour are not tolerated according to good sense, French culture and traditions.
  • Be tolerant and benevolent to one another by accepting differences as long as they do not infringe on shared communal space.


The association Les Quartiers Latins  is happy and proud to offer you this book, in order to share with you, through both history and current events which have made up France, a secular country in which you have chosen to live, or in which you were born.


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