Student Rental Guarantee : The CLE

The Clé (Caution Locative Etudiante/Student Rental Guarantee)student rental guarantee

Is a State insurance allowing students without guarantor a student rental guarantee to have easier access to housing.
The CLÉ is handled by the Crous. After being tested in 2013, it is now available all over in France..

Who is the CLÉ for?

The CLÉ can be used by all students that :

  • Have steadyincome but no family, friend or bank guarantor;
  • Are looking for housing in France for their studies;
  • Are 28 years old or less on September 1st of the year when the lease is signed;
  • Are 28 years old or more on September 1st of the year when the lease is signed but with a PHD dated less than six years and a non-tenure researcher position in a lab or research unit for a fixed-term contract.

How to post a request  ?

You can apply for the CLE (student rental guarantee) from the website  

Available in: French, Spanish